January ‘Hardball’ Segment Suddenly Enters Spotlight

By kevin Comment

matthews_3-25.jpgThe LA Times’ James Rainey delivers a tough criticism this week of Chris Matthews and a two-month-old segment from “Hardball” in which the MSNBC host gets into it with a Florida Congressman over health care reform:

Matthews has become such a self-parody it’s not clear people notice anymore. But that changed this week with the passage of healthcare reform and the YouTube recycling of a volley, notable even by Matthews standards as overweening, blustery and just plain wrong.

On January 22nd, Matthews sat down with Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) and an argument ensued over whether health care legislation would be passed. Rainey writes that Matthews “represents something extreme, but far from unique, in the world of Washington punditry.”

Matthews tells Rainey he intends to have Grayson back on soon and says, “I never got an answer from him, all I got was a posture. He wasn’t helping me explain it. He was just taking a position.” Grayson says, “I don’t think there is a single thing I said that didn’t turn out to be the God’s honest truth.”

The interview in question is posted after the jump.