Janice Dean Says Don Imus Fat Shamed Her

By Chris Ariens Comment

On Fox & Friends yesterday Janice Dean shared a viewer comment in which a woman called her legs “distracting.”

Dean fired back saying she’s proud of her “big legs.” Dean, who lives with MS, said she could lose her ability to walk “literally any day. So I’ve learned to be proud of my legs, and am grateful for them every day of my life.”

Well today, Dean goes one further, talking about how former Fox Business host Don Imus used to fat shame her. It occurred when Dean worked with Imus on his radio show, before he joined FBN.

“On a daily basis, on and off air, he would comment that I was fat,” Dean told Moneyish. “He brought in a trainer one time on-air and said, ‘Stand up. She needs to get rid of that…her hips and her butt.’ I was just so ashamed. So ashamed.”

“That stays with you and brings you back to when you’re in school and bullied for the same thing,” Dean said. “I’ve always been conscious about what body part I’d like to change, but I’m comfortable in that I know what I’m good at. I want to say to young girls ‘it’s OK to be yourself, to show who you are.’”