Is HLN’s ‘Issues’ the Best Value to Reach Republicans? ‘CBS Morning News’ for Dems?

By kevin Comment

tivo_10-5.jpgTivo, the dvr company, has developed a ratings system that allows networks and advertisers to draw more detailed information about a show’s viewing audience. In a study taken during the month of July, Tivo combined an opt-in panel with set-top-box viewing data to cull some elaborate information about news network audiences.

Among the highlights:
• “CBS Morning News” gets you the highest value if you’re looking target Democrats.
• “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell” will get you the highest value if you’re looking to target Republicans. (Followed by Glenn Beck.)
• Republicans like Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.” Democrats like TNT’s “Saving Grace.” Everybody likes TNT’s “The Closer.”
• People who “plan to buy an alternative energy vehicle in the next two years,” don’t watch “The O’Reilly Factor.”

These indexes are based on the A18-49 rating against Tivo’s Democrat/Republican audience rating. (Cable news channels sell ads based on the A25-54 demographic.)

Read the full press release from Tivo here. After the jump, Tivo’s ratings breakdown of “Countdown” and “The Factor.”

Power Watch* Characteristics “Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann”
Total Ratings
“The O’Reilly Factor”
Total Ratings
Republican No viewing in July 2009 1.2
Democrat 1.3 0.1
Plan to buy an alternative energy vehicle in next two years 1.3 No viewing in July 2009
Households with kids 0.3 0.5
Households with A50+ 0.9 0.6
Home improvement in next 12 months 0.5 0.4
Purchase car in next 12 months 0.8 0.4

*Source: Power Watch Data, July 2009. TiVo’s Power||Watchâ„¢ ratings service provides advertisers access to second-by-second program and commercial ratings data, with demographic segmentations, for 35,000 households who have volunteered to take part in a “passive” consumer panel. The Power Watch(TM) ratings service provides subscribers the ability to look at TV viewing broken down by standard household demographics including income, geography, ethnicity, number of children and tenure of TiVo subscriber, among others. TiVo can associate household data with the viewership data then produce program and commercial viewership reports by aggregate demographic and behavioral audience groups. All reports prepared by TiVo using this data are anonymous.