Is Davos ‘A Giant Fancy Cocktail Party … or Something More Meaningful?’

By Merrill Knox Comment

For Bloomberg TV anchor Erik Schatzker, putting his experience reporting from Davos into words is a challenge.

“There are too many superlatives to even begin to use one,” Schatzker tells TVNewser. “From a reporting standpoint, this is the single greatest reporting opportunity anyone in my business could have.”

Schatzker is one of several reporters, including Fox Business Network’s Liz Claman and CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, in Switzerland this week for the World Economic Forum. In is his fourth year covering the event, Schatzker is anchoring “InsideTrack” live from Davos through Friday.

With the world’s economic leaders all convened in the Swiss village today through Sunday, Schatzker says the key to making his coverage stand out is the ability to grab guests from the Congress Center on the fly.

“I try not to be chained to the studio,” he said. “It’s important to see people, talk to them about what’s going on, and make my reporting as effective as possible.”

Schatzker also says Bloomberg’s set location, atop the Forum’s gathering place, the Congress Center, is a draw for potential guests on the morning show, airing from 6-8amET.

“It means we get better guests,” he says. “We have a commanding view of the valley. Guests who come up here just can’t believe it.”

Reporting from the World Economic Forum is also a unique experience because the nightlife scene in Davos is often used as a reporting tool, Schatzker says.

“At night is when people let their guard down a little more and you can have more frank conversations,” he says. “You can find out what people really think about things, you can work them in terms of guest bookings, and just develop relationships in an environment that would be very, very difficult to replicate back home.”

The conference is known for its party scene, which is an important concept to present to viewers, Schatzker notes.

“Is it a giant fancy cocktail party on the slopes of a Swiss mountain village, or is it something more meaningful than that?” he says. “Either way, the answer is important.”