Insurgent Tape: Hunter Asks “Does CNN Want America To Win This Thing?”

By Brian 

During the 5pm hour of The Situation Room, Rep. Duncan Hunter appeared on CNN to discuss his remarks about last week’s broadcast of Iraqi insurgent video. Here’s an excerpt:

  BLITZER: Are you at least open to this notion that good people, like you and General Grange, can disagree on this, without questioning the credibility, the patriotism of CNN?

hunteroct23.jpgHUNTER: I think the question I asked when I saw this, Wolf, is, does CNN want America to win this thing?

And, if I was a platoon leader there… and I had a news organization which had shown, had taken film from the enemy, showing them killing one of my soldiers, and they asked if they could be embedded in my platoon, my answer would be no.

I go back to the — to the — the days of guys like Joe Rosenthal, who filmed the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima, and Ernie Pyle, who was a soldier’s reporter, the guys who were on our side — even though they reported the rough and the tough of the war, they were on our side.

You can’t be on both sides. And I would say, if I was that platoon leader, I would say, absolutely not. Take CNN out of there. You can’t be on both sides.