Ines Sainz Rips Association for Women in Sports Media

By Marcus Vanderberg Comment

Ines Sainz really didn’t want the help of the Association for Women in Sports Media.

The TV Azteca reporter, who was in the middle of a firestorm after visiting New York Jets practice on Sept. 11, ripped the group in a column for El Universal.

“Today I wonder why a well respected association such as the AWSM, within its right to inform about any violations of work conditions for its members, acted so impulsively,” Sainz wrote for the Mexican newspaper.

Sainz went on to say that the AWSM set the women’s rights movement back “at least 50 years.”

As a result of the AWSM filing a complaint on Sainz’s behalf, the NFL will implement a workplace conduct training program for all 32 teams and paid for by Jets owner Woody Johnson. While I applaud the AWSM looking out for the rights of other female reporters, they really should have called Sainz to see if she wanted to file a complaint against the Jets.

Hopefully both sides agree to move on and the players and teams learn something from the training that came as a result of an ugly incident.