In Profile: Darren Rovell, Anderson Cooper

By Alex Weprin Comment

  • BuzzFeed profiles ESPN correspondent and former CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell: “For all of his protestations that he’s a reporter doing his job and covering his beat, ultimately this really is all as simple as a guy gravitating toward something he enjoys. He’d rather talk about branding than stats. He cares more about earning potential than personal narrative. Heis a crazy fan, but of conspicuous consumption. And he’s honest about this, which is perhaps more than can be said of the people he covers.”

  • CNN’s Anderson Cooper talks to students at the University of Kentucky about how he got his start in journalism, and coming out publicly: “He said he had never been really hiding his sexuality, but it could have been dangerous to him in certain situations, like when he was imprisoned in Iran for three days, a place where gays are persecuted. ‘I didn’t want it to seem like I was uncomfortable or was hiding something … I can honestly think that being gay is the greatest privilege of my life,’ he said.”