In Newtown, Media Holds Wounds Open

By Alex Weprin Comment

Newtown, Connecticut is still the focus of news coverage this week, following the horrific shooting there on Friday.

As families try to grieve, reporters have flocked to the city by the hundreds, seeking scoops. While there is no doubt that there is valid news to come out of the town, Digital First Media’s Adrienne LaFrance argues that right now, the coverage and aggressive tactics of some reporters is over the top.

The parents of a little boy who darted past the shooter just before his teacher and classmates were slaughtered put up a sign asking people not to ring their doorbell, CNN reported. Every time it rang, they said, their six-year-old son thought the gunman had found him…

“We need you to help us beg people to stop calling the victims,” the woman said. “They’re in mourning. Someone actually pounded on a friend’s door and, literally, they were shouting, ‘Someone in this town has to start talking to us, this is our story.’ That’s how we’re being treated.”