Impressions Of “Glenn Beck:” Cheers

By Brian 

> “I’m not that big of a Glen Beck fan. But last night was the best hour on any CNN network.”

> “Come on, you guys, give it a chance. You’re blowing it off after one airing. I liked it and it sure as heck beat watching Chris Matthews yell and scream or supersilious Shepard Smith. It isn’t meant to be news, folks, just a little diversion from it. Give it a chance!”

> “I think in a couple of weeks it can be great…it has lots of potential.”

> “Most of the comments reflect a pronounced hard news bias — perfectly understandable given the title of this site and the composition of its readers. Viewers may be less puritanical. Glenn Beck tried a bunch of stuff on his debut program. Some of it worked; much of it didn’t. But he made a splash by trying something different. the challenge now is deciding what schtick to drop and what he should try to build on.”

> “If I want news, I’ll turn on Fox or CNN. Sometimes we all need a break and a laugh at the news…that’s what HLN and Beck wanted, and that’s what they are providing.”

> “Well, parts of his program aren’t half bad, but a few spots just seemed a little over done, like the depressed conservatives/happy liberals part. Anyways, just keep some good humor without over done sections please.”

> “The TV show was excellent if you listen to his radio show, but newcomers were probably lost. I hope Headline News gives Beck a chance to build an audience here. I wouldn’t have spent so much time on ’24’ tonight, but I liked the digs at cable news.”

> “Beck wasn’t bad and Erica Hill is always a welcome sight.”

> “It’ll be interesting to see how he does day-to-day. There was a lot of first day “look at us” schtick, that (hopefully) will go away and make way for the issues he spoke about. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try that stupid drinking milkshake joke again.”

> “Great show. I think it will be a success once it gets off and running. Give it a week or two to sink into the programming schedule.”