Imagining A 10pm ‘Fox Report’

By Brian 


In this must-read Times-Picayune profile of Shep Smith, the FNC anchor imagines a Fox national newscast:

 So what might be the new Fox way with a national nighttime newscast?

Picture a promo — airing, say, right before “House” — for the 10 p.m. “Fox Report with Shepard Smith.”

“I think it would look a lot like ‘The Fox Report,’ ” Smith said of the hypothetical late, late news. “I think it’d be shorter and quicker, and I think that we could do ‘The Fox Report’ there.

If we ever try it, and I’m not pushing for it or angling for it or trying to get something in the paper to suggest we might ever do it, and I certainly would never campaign for a job in the newspaper because you don’t do that in Roger Ailes‘ world, but if he ever said, ‘Let’s try it,’ we’d make a run of it.

“If we put it at (10 p.m. Central), there wouldn’t be three local newscasts beating us.

“I grew up in local news, and I love local news, but let’s face it, sometimes you’re just chasing ambulances around and going on to the next shooting. We could do something a little more meaty and make it a bedtime story and do pretty well with it.

“I miss Ted Koppel. I loved ‘Nightline.’ That’s not what I would do, but that’s a good time of day to digest the news, for me.

“As a consumer, I would like to have a (10) p.m. newscast out there.”

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