If It’s The Sunday Before The Election… It’s Meet the Press

By Chris Ariens Comment

“Meet the Press” was once again the most-watched public affairs program last Sunday. The Tom Brokaw-moderated program averaged 4.662 million Total Viewers.

The rebroadcasts on MSNBC delivered an additional 1,516 million viewers outperforming CNN’s “Late Edition” average of 1,211,000 total viewers. FOX News Sunday, which is also rebroadcast on Fox News Channel drew a combined 2,917,000 beating CBS’s Face the Nation.

Meet the Press — 4,662,000
This Week — 3,586,000
Face The Nation — 2,877,000
FOX News Sunday — 1,607,000

Washington, DC
Meet the Press — 159,000
This Week — 43,000
FOX News Sunday — 64,000
Face The Nation — 63,000