“I Don’t Want to Come on Television and be Lectured by You About What I Should and Shouldn’t be Doing”

By Chris Ariens Comment

Abrams_7.29.jpgDan Abrams, who remains an MSNBC analyst, meaning he still gets a paycheck from the Peacock, has launched another new Web site. And he went on MSNBC to promote it. Nice.

“Gossipcop is the place to go when you want to correct the record and get the story right,” said Abrams.

But the former MSNBC host was thrown a curveball during the segment when Katrina vanden Heuvel, who was acting as a sort of co-host for the Carlos Watson hour, smacked down the whole concept.

“With all due respect to Dan and Mike, I think we need a lot more policing of things we have heard on the show just before this segment. We need policing of covert ops, policing of lobbyists –”

That’s when Abrams cut her off and explained how his other site, Mediaite, does just that by policing the media. Then Abrams huffed, “I don’t want to come on television and be lectured by you about what I should and shouldn’t be doing.”

Not sure if Mediaite has written about their bosses’ appearance today on MSNBC. But Gawker did…and they have video.