Huffington Post to Launch Video News Network: ‘We Want to Capture that Beautiful, Controlled Chaos’

By Merrill Knox Comment

We’ve reported on the Huffington Post’s plans to start an online video news network, and on Thursday the site held a launch event for the HuffPost Streaming Network. Founding editor Roy Sekoff talked to Social Times detailing the plans for 12 hours a day, five days a week of live coverage. “There’s something about doing it live that gives you a sizzle that you don’t get from taping a show,” Sekoff said. As for the content itself:

The segments will be planned and produced, but will not be confined to particular time slots, and there will be a cache of videos for viewers to watch any time if they miss the live stream. To make the experience more like the Internet, the network will allow viewers to browse between music videos and breaking news as they please, and will also transcribe the programs in real time to make them searchable by keyword.  (Closed captioning will depend on which devices the content is viewed.) The news articles will be integrated with the videos, with clickable headlines streaming on the bottom of the screen. “We want to capture that beautiful, controlled chaos,” said Sekoff.