How “Water-Cooler-Type Issues” Are Giving HLN an Edge

By Chris Ariens Comment

HLN_4.6.bmpTVWeek’s Sergio Ibarra chatted up CNN Worldwide EVP and head of HLN, Ken Jautz about how HLN has successfully set itself apart from big brother CNN.

While Jautz has a keen interest in the growth of HLN, as a CNN Worldwide executive, he must always keep a close eye on how both networks fit in to the bigger picture.

“We position [CNN and HLN] to be alternative,” Jautz said. “Basically, we’re aiming at different types of viewers. CNN is comprehensive, analytic programs. HLN is point-of-view programs and opinion shows where we debate the host’s opinions. They’re aimed at different niches.”

HLN, “reports and reflects on American culture.” Jautz says, explaining how HLN is different from not just CNN, but Fox News and MSNBC too. “It is not specifically politically oriented. In fact, you will see more what I’d call water-cooler-type issues reflected across the evening on HLN.”

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