How Some Covered the Opening Ceremony

By SteveK Comment

lewis_8-8.JPGThe Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony is currently underway, and although NBC wants us to think it all begins at 7:30pm tonight (when you can watch it tonight on NBC), it actually started at 8:08amET and continues for a few hours. You can see it now on the web site.

Fox News’ Dana Lewis was live this morning on Fox & Friends, reporting from a, “little office,” over looking the stadium just before the beginning of the ceremony at 8:06amET. Why? “This city of 16 million is virtually locked down, and all around the stadium you can’t move,” he said. “We had to come in from the balcony because we were told we might be mistaken as a sniper, so everybody from balconies have been told go inside, don’t report outside.”

vause_8-8.JPGCNN’s American Morning also had a correspondent ready for Opening Ceremony reporting. John Vause was stationed outside in a big crowd of onlookers watching the Opening Ceremony, “on a big screen.” The report aired around 8:20amET.

Transmitting via broadband, Vause said, “What they’re seeing right now is basically 10,000 performers involved in a three-and-a-half hour long spectacle.”