Have You Seen Lee Corso's Head?

By Marcus Vanderberg Comment

It was only a matter of time before a group of college students found the courage to steal one of Lee Corso’s Gameday props.

ESPN told Oregon State officers that Corso’s giant head had gone missing Saturday afternoon during the Oregon State-Oregon game in Corvallis.

“ALERT: The Lee Corso Gm Day mascot head was stolen in Corvallis..a bad way to end our 1st visit..if u took it, or know who did, plz return,” tweeted ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews on Sunday. “”This isn’t the way we want to remember @GameDayFootball 1st trip Corvallis..be cool Oregon St, and get it back to the show..Stay classy.”

Someone responded to Andrews and tweeted out a photo of someone allegedly wearing the head and a University of Oregon sweatshirt. The photo surfaced on a message board but it wasn’t clear as to where exactly it originated from.

As of late Sunday evening, Corso’s head was still missing.

The fact that Andrews is playing detective is funnier than the actual crime.

At least we will always have the memories of a hilarious commercial.