Greta Van Susteren Visits Syrian Refugee Camp in Iraq

By Merrill Knox Comment

greta at refugee campGreta Van Susteren visited a Syrian refugee camp in Iraq with Reverend Franklin Graham and his aid organization, Samaritan’s Purse, this weekend. Van Susteren documents the trip on Gretawire, writing, “Perhaps the best part of my job is that with my platform on Fox News and on GretaWire, I am able to put a spotlight on stories — whether in the USA or overseas — so that we can each make a decision about what we think about the events of the nation / world or even how we can help.”

On the bright side of a very grim situation, I don’t think I have ever seen such kindness as the people of Kurdistan to the refugees in their camp.  Kurds know what it means to be refugees — they fled Saddam and lived in refugee camps in Iran.  The Kurds have not forgotten the misery of being a refugee and they are trying very hard to help the refugees of Syria.  Having now met many Kurds — including the President of Kurdistan — I now am in awe of them.  They are doing their best to give safe haven to these refugees.

[Image via Gretawire]