Greta Van Susteren Comes to Anderson Cooper’s Defense…Sort Of

By Chris Ariens Comment

This morning on her blog, FNC’s Greta Van Susteren writes about the coverage of this story over the past several days.

…it seems unfair that Anderson Cooper has to wake to this every day – he is NOT accused of pushing her or of leaving a hole open with the specific intent that she fall in it.

Sometimes law suits against famous people amount to blackmail….and sometimes they are legitimate….but why is this ordinary dispute in the media? Do you really think the national media is hanging out at the clerk’s office to see what is filed? or do you think the lawyer fed this to the media to put pressure on Cooper? I think it unfair to Anderson Cooper.

By the way, just because I think this unfair to him, I am not asking you to watch his show!!! Tune into our news show ON THE RECORD at 10pm

(h/t J$P)