Greta Lobs Bias Charge at CNN

By SteveK Comment

gretawire_7-18b.JPGFox News anchor Greta Van Susteren is blasting Netroots Nation, which calls itself a “progressive political movement,” for for labeling FNC “opinion media.” But Van Susteren saved much of her blog ire for CNN.

I know someone at CNN — and to protect that person’s job won’t identify — who said that when he/she files a story with an editor that has criticism of Senator Obama which he/she believes is factual and fair, the story criticism comes back watered down…this does not happen to the person’s filed story when the criticism is of Senator Clinton or Senator McCain. This has never happened to me at Fox. No one has ever told me what to say or not. (And, as an aside, when I worked for Ted Turner at CNN, it never happened to me there, either.)

A CNN insider tells TVNewser: “Greta is a good lawyer and certainly she ought to know the difference between fact and hearsay. It’s surprising she would write something as preposterous as this is.”

Van Susteren also had a parting shot for MSNBC: “Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann? Netroot Nations think they have not marketed their opinions? they are not ‘opinion media?’ Give me a break!

Gretawire…the gift that keeps on giving.