Gracie Allen Award Winners: Dozier, O’Brien, Floyd, Haddad, Gajilan…


By Brian Comment

The 32nd Annual Gracie Allen Awards were handed out in NYC Monday night.

TV news winners included CNN’s A. Chris Gajilan and MSNBC’s Tammy Haddad for “outstanding producer,” Court TV’s Jami Floyd for “outstanding program host,” CNN’s Soledad O’Brien for “outstanding anchor,” and CBS’ Kimberly Dozier for “outstanding correspondent.”

Paula Zahn Now’s tribute to Dana Reeve was named “outstanding feature – soft news.” NBC host Ann Curry was honored for her Darfur podcast.

Click continued for a list of all the national TV news winners…

A. Chris Gajilan
Individual Achievement Award
Outstanding Producer – News

Abuse Behind Closed Doors
Outstanding Interview
ABC 20/20

Crisis in Darfur –
A Conversation with Ann Curry
Outstanding Podcast
NBC News

Damba’s Story
Outstanding News Series
CBS – The Early Show

Jami Floyd
Individual Achievement Award
Outstanding Program Host – News
Court TV

Kimberly Dozier
Individual Achievement Award
Outstanding Reporter/Correspondent
CBS News

North Korea: Into The Shadows
Outstanding Documentary – Mid-Length Format
ABC News

Paula Zahn Now: Dana Reeve: A Tribute
Outstanding Feature – Soft News

Soledad O’Brien
Individual Achievement Award
Outstanding Anchor

Tammy Haddad
Individual Achievement Award
Outstanding Producer – News

The Lydia Caco Story – Cancun Revealed
Outstanding Investigative Program
ABC News Nightline

The Suze Orman Show
Outstanding Talk Show

True Believer with Condolezza Rice
Outstanding Interview

What Happened to Julie?
Outstanding Feature – Hard News
NBC News/Dateline

Women In Science
Outstanding Feature – Soft News
ABC News