GOP Charge to ABC: “It All Gives the Appearance of a State-Run Television Network”

By Chris Ariens Comment

Westin_6.23.jpgNow some GOP members of Congress, part of a newly-formed caucus, are raising concerns about tomorrow night’s ABC News special on the president’s health care reform plan. The Media Fairness Caucus sent a letter, signed by 40 members of Congress, to ABC News president David Westin which, in part, reads:

The Director of Communications for the White House Office of Health Reform Linda Douglass, left her job with ABC News last year to join the Obama campaign. This does little to alleviate concerns about the objectivity of this event. Furthermore, ABC News’ in-house medical expert Dr. Timothy Johnson, has a long history of promoting government-managed universal health care. It all gives the appearance of a state-run television network.

It’s actually a world-run TV network… Walt Disney World. Anyway, Westin responded: “Contrary to your assertions, this will not be ‘slanted’ in any way – much less a ‘day-long infomercial’ or ‘in-kind free advertising’ as you allege.

Then, this:

Finally, on a note of personal privilege, I entirely reject your attack on my colleague, Dr. Timothy Johnson. Dr. Johnson has established himself over many years as the foremost medial editor on television. His knowledge about health care reform is surpassed only by his commitment to the truth and to fairness.

Westin also corrects the record on Douglass.

Click here to read the letter from the caucus.

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