Glenn Beck: “The Fringe Groups Hate My Guts”

By SteveK Comment

FNC’s Glenn Beck is featured today in a Q&A on He’s asked about a wide range of issues, including how he balances “providing your viewpoint with making sure not to push fringe groups over the edge towards violence,” and the comments made by Shepard Smith last week about “hate-filled emails”:

Anybody who thinks that I’m pushing fringe groups to violence should read my e-mail. The fringe groups hate my guts. The fringe groups think I’m a government stooge. What people need to keep in mind is that some people in the fringe groups are CRAZY. If you want to target Fox News, feel free, but it’s misguided.

Again, is Frank Rich responsible for the Muslim killing the service personel in Arkansas? He’s talked about how bad our soldiers are? No, he’s not.

Are the New York Times responsible for ELF? They talk all the time about how bad global warming is and how “someone has to do something” and are they responsible? No.

The only ones responsible are the ones who pick up a gun or a torch and act in an inhuman sort of way.

Related: A Washington blogger reports a 9/11 truther is preparing to sue Beck and Fox News Channel for comments made by the FNC host last week.