Glenn Beck Gets Sarah Palin for the Hour from a Pricey Perch

By Chris Ariens Comment


Glenn Beck interviewed new Fox News contributor Sarah Palin for the full hour on his show this afternoon. The program was taped earlier today, not in an FNC studio, but in lower Manhattan with a view of the Statue of Liberty over Beck’s shoulder.

The interview touched on Palin’s political career, her VP run, even the Saturday Night Live parodies.

Battery_1.13.jpgAt the end of the show there was a lower third graphic for, which is the Website of a restaurant and event space in Battery Park. So did Battery Gardens give up the pricey space in exchange for the on-air mention? FNC exec Joel Cheatwood tells TVNewser, “There were no promises or discussion whatsoever…this was just a website to explain/identify where the show was originating from.”

Also interesting, that Beck, not Sean Hannity got the second interview with Palin. (O’Reilly went first last night). We hear that Beck muscled his way into getting the second interview ahead of Hannity.

Beck has interviewed Palin several times since her VP run. In fact, his first guest when he joined Fox News one year ago next week was then-Gov. Palin.

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Update: A promo aired on Fox News at 11:18pm mentioning that Palin would be a guest on Hannity Thursday night.