Geist Talks Obama, Blago, Brackets on the Menu

By SteveK Comment

geist_4-6.bmpJoining us on the Media Menu podcast today was MSNBC’s Willie Geist, minutes after leaving the Morning Joe set.

We talked about the big news story of the week — President Obama’s trip to Europe. “Every step of the way it was to show a more humble President and a more humble United States, and if that was his goal, he certainly achieved it everywhere he went,” says Geist. But: “I think a lot of this was cosmetic. I mean, obviously they weren’t going to solve the world financial crisis with a one day summit, but visually, the optics of it, looks pretty good for him.”

We also discussed a favorite podcast topic — former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. “In my world, the Blago story never goes away,” said Geist.

So does Geist think MSNBC could have a spot for Blago? “As you can tell by watching the cable news landscape, it’s okay to be completely insane, you can still have a TV show,” he said. “But sometimes I worry like where he’d be for the conference call, or wouldn’t show up for the show.”

Also discussed: Joe/Mika “tiffs,” how the newspaper industry can be saved and Geist’s predictions for tonight’s NCAA finals (and his “highly, highly illegal” NCAA pool).

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