‘Fox News Watch’ Covers Hacking Scandal For Two Segments

By Chris Ariens Comment

Last week, “Fox News Watch” FNC’s media criticism show was criticized for not covering the hacking scandal involving its parent company, News Corp.

On this weekend’s edition, host Jon Scott led with the scandal, revealing the latest details — or almost latest, since the show was taped before Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton resigned late yesterday — and spending two segments of the half hour show on the growing scandal.

Cal Thomas, who last week said “I’m not touching it,” blamed News Corp.’s competitors for blowing up the story in order to end News Corp’s bid to take over BSkyB… which it did last week. “The left has been out to get News Corp. and especially Fox News Channel and the Murdoch family for years,” said Thomas.

Panelist and former Fox News host Alan Colmes, said don’t blame the left.

This knee jerk, ‘let’s blame the liberals, let’s blame the left. They’re out to get the News Corporation and out to get Mr. Murdoch.’ There has to be some personal responsibility and look, Mr. Murdoch seems to be taking that and put out an apology and visited the family of [Milly Dowler]. But there has to be personal responsibility and stop blaming the left and liberal media like it’s the liberals fault this happened.

The third segment of the show focused on the results of a Judicial Watch investigation into the White House shutting out Fox News Channel. And the final block dealt with the 10-year long Harry Potter series and the media’s coverage of it.

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