Fox Business @ 2

By Chris Ariens Comment

The Observer’s Felix Gillette writes about the mix of old and the new that make up the Fox Business Network — a channel that for two years has been trying to reach a business audience in the midst of a recession:

This crowd, predominantly female, was full of fresh-faced, forward-looking optimism, and seemingly engineered by FBN chief Roger Ailes to ride effortlessly from one market high to the next and look damn good doing it.

On the one hand there is [Sandra] Smith, who joined the network for its launch in October 2007. She is sunny, blond, blue-eyed, manicured, glossy, optimistic, self-assured, radiant.

On the other, there is [Don] Imus, who joined the network earlier this month. He is 69 years old, dark, dour, stormy, self-destructive, gruff, weathered.

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