Former Court TV Employees Plan Reunion

By Alex Weprin Comment

Tomorrow in New York City at the offices of Goldman McCormick PR, former employees of Court TV will gather for an unofficial reunion.

Time Warner acquired the┬ánetwork┬áin 2006, and has since rebranded it as TruTV, replacing much of the legal news coverage with programs like ” Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura,” “Southern Fried Stings” and “Operation Repo.”

From the invite:

Before TruTV there was Court TV where hundreds of dedicated producers, writers, editors, and anchors all collaborated to create one of the most riveting networks in TV history. America’s addiction to it’s own legal system and process led to record ratings. Though many of Court TV’s personnel have moved on to other ventures, we cannot forget the family we all came from. At this event, meet up with former colleagues and share laughs and good times about the days of old. From the OJ trial to Scott Peterson to Anna Nicole Smith and more.