FNC’s Greg Palkot Recalls His Beating In Cairo: ‘It Can’t End This Way…’

By Alex Weprin Comment

Coming just a day after CBS revealed that Lara Logan was brutally attacked in Cairo, GQ published an interview with Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot, who was badly injured when pro-Mubarak thugs pummeled him and his cameraman, Olaf Wiig.

What were you thinking when you were first attacked?
That we were in trouble. That we were in deep trouble. Again, though: there were a few people in the crowd who did not think it was a great thing to kill foreigners out on the street in Cairo. So we were guided forward and protected by a few people in the crowd. And very shortly we saw what our goal would be and that was an Egyptian Army APC [armored personnel carrier] that was sitting in the middle of a plaza ahead of us.

Were you able to fight back?
I did my best but it’s tough because you’re getting it from all sides. You’re fending off the blows, you’re trying to figure out if somebody’s a friend of yours when they’re looking at you, and then the next minute they’re smashing you in the face.

Did you think about your family while this was happening?

Oh yeah, it’s quick, your life going by. Basically it was: it can’t end this way, ok? It can’t end in the middle of a riot with a bunch of thugs kicking the heck out of me. It can’t end this way.

Read the entire Q&A, here.