FNCers Kidnapped In Gaza: Centanni’s Family Tapes Televised Plea

By Brian 

Fox News Channel’s efforts to secure the release of its two kidnapped employees are increasingly taking to the airwaves. The kidnapping was mentioned eight times on Saturday.

On Studio B, correspondent Amy Kellogg added this at the end of her report: “Fox News was one of the only western television networks to retain a continuous presence in Gaza covering events there on a daily basis even when the headline-grabbing war in Lebanon was raging on.”

Then on The Big Story, the cable net aired this appeal from Steve Centanni‘s family:

fncaug19.jpg“Our brother Steve Centanni was kidnapped August 14th, last Monday. I would like his captors to know that Steve is an honorable man who always tries to do what is right. Steve has strong respect for the Palestinian people and their culture. Steve was in gaza with Olaf Wiig to report the truth. He is far more valuable to the Palestinian people free as a journalist than as a captive. We love Steve very much and now his health, his safety, and his life is your responsibility. Please contact our family, let us know that he is alive and unharmed.”

Julie Banderas said the plea was airing on international television tonight. It also aired on FNC during the 7 and 8pm hours…