Feeding the CNN Army, Guests, and EMS Too

By Chris Ariens Comment

RNC Logo.pngSo we’re on our way to interview Gretchen Carlson at the Fox Experience, but we stopped off at the incredibly neon decked-out CNN Grill. CNN analyst Roland Martin is doing his radio show from here, and we’ve spotted CNN correspondents John King, Candy Crowley, Gloria Borger, Ed Henry, Joe Johns and Jessica Yellin.

And we hear Anderson Cooper will join the team in St. Paul as early as today. Insiders tell us he, like other network anchors, is leaving the Gulf Coast and headed here.

Arianna Huffington is here with a crew in tow. Several members of the St. Paul Fire Dept/EMS are here, in what is normally, and will be again when CNN leaves, the Eagle Street Diner.

The Grill can also accommodate live shots. In fact, minutes ago Louisiana delegate Michael Bayham wrapped up an interview with Heidi Collins (and if you looked closely TVNewser was blogging from behind the shot).

We’ll be back later today to get the scoop on what it takes to transform a downtown diner into a restaurant/live location/hangout.


John King and Candy Crowley at the CNN Grill.