FBN Live This Saturday Night

By SteveK Comment

clamantv_4-28.jpgFor the first time in its short life, Fox Business Network will be live this weekend, if only for an hour.

Anchor Liz Claman announced today as she finished up an interview with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett that she would anchor a special, “Weekend with Warren,” this Saturday at 7pmET on FBN.

The special will air live from Omaha, Nebraska, the site of the annual meeting attended by about 30,000 Berkshire Hathaway stockholders.

“Weekend with Warren,” will feature a round-up of news and analysis from the meeting.

“You know, its a big deal, because we’ve only been alive here at Fox Business for what, six months? And we’re going to take this chance,” said Claman on the air.

Related: Claman is featured in this month’s LA Confidential, and discussed her hour-long October interview with Buffett: “I always overprepare. I spent weeks preparing. I flew into Omaha and Fox Business airlifted crews and hi-def cameras into town from all over the Midwest.”