Except for the Red Sox, John King to Remain Objective

By Chris Ariens Comment

King_12.8.jpgThe Boston Globe profiles hometown guy, CNN’s John King weeks before King’s move from Sunday morning to primetime (no launch date set yet), as he takes over the 7pmET slot from Lou Dobbs.

He faces a daunting task: Dobbs’s show was in third place for cable news, behind Fox News Channel and MSNBC. King has made it clear that he will be an objective anchor. “I do not subscribe to the advocacy journalism school,” King says during a recent interview. “It’s not who I am and not who CNN wants me to be.”

King’s boss, CNN political director Sam Feist, says the new show will have passionate advocates – but they’ll be guests, not journalists. “John is a great moderator, a great interviewer. I’ve been working with him for over a decade, and I have no idea what his views are.” Except on one subject: “When the Sox are in the playoffs or the World Series, he’s a little distracted.”