Ed Schultz Is Not Happy About The Reporting Surrounding His Move To Weekends

By Alex Weprin Comment

Come April MSNBC’s Ed Schultz will be holding for on Saturday and Sunday afternoons on the channel, with Chris Hayes taking over 8 PM weekdays. As it happens there has been solid reporting since November that Schultz’s days at weekday prime may be nearing an end.

After his move was announced Politico’s Dylan Byers doubled down on his reporting, arguing that Schultz’s departure was planned in advance to make room for new talent. Schultz did not take kindly to this, and responded on his radio show yesterday afternoon:

“I’m amazed at media vultures out there who think that they’re gaining respect by people because they talk to someone anonymously. Politico,  they’re nothing but a bunch of freaking whores down there in Washington. That’s all they are. They don’t know their ass from third base and none of their people have talked to me.”

In a Media Beat interview, Schultz told us that on his show, “sometimes gets to bar talk, but that’s how people talk.” See it after the jump…