Early Reviews for the New ‘GMA’

By kevin Comment

gma_12-14.jpgGeorge Stephanopoulos made his “Good Morning America” debut earlier today and the critics are weighing in. Here’s a selection:

USA Today’s Robert Bianco:

It’s ridiculously early, of course — but even so, ABC’s new Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos seems set to make a surprisingly smooth transition from political expert to morning show host. At the very least, he did nothing in his GMA debut Monday to make you think that he was incapable of carrying out the role, or that his very presence on the show might serve as a viewer deal breaker.

NY Times’ Alessandra Stanley:

Mr. Stephanopoulos will almost certainly have more silly features in his future, but it looks as if he won’t entirely shun his political past. On a network morning show, that’s a refreshing change.

TIME’s James Poniewozik:

G-Steph’s adaptation to the happy consumer news of the morning seemed most uncomfortable in a segment on Christmas shopping using online coupon codes.

NY Daily News’ David Hinkley:

George Stephanopoulos slid over into Diane Sawyer’s co-host seat on ABC’s “Good Morning America” so smoothly Monday that the most noticeable changes were the hair, jacket and jewelry.

Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik:

Viewers who felt connected to Sawyer, and why shouldn’t they, will probably take some time getting used to the new co-host. And I am sure some will say they are leaving the audience altogether. But that is not a reflection on Stephanopoulos as much as it is indicative of the deep ways in which viewers bond with morning shows hosts.

Finally, Mediaite has a quick summary of reviews from the toughest critics: the unhappy “GMA” fans at ABCNews.com’s “Shoutout” section.