Does Barbara Walters Know She’s Pitching RezV?

By Chris Ariens Comment

Those e-marketers are creative.

You may have gotten an email today for a product called RezV which asks “Can you live to 150?” (Actually, the geniuses wrote “Can you can live to 150?”) Anyway, the answer, for most of us is, “hell, no.”

Walters_Ad_11.20.bmpBut that’s not stopping the company from not only using the logos of several broadcasters which have done stories on Resveratrol, but it also includes an image from an ABC News story featuring Barbara Walters leading readers to think they’ll see a story on the product.

But when you click “play” it only takes you to blank page. (I’ve disabled the play button on the image above.)

We’re guessing Walters doesn’t know she’s being used to pitch a product. Unless she got the email too.

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