Do Athletes Lie to the Media?

By Noah Davis Comment

NFL players lie to the media. That may not be a revelation, but it’s rare you hear someone come out and admit as much.

But that’s exactly the sentiment expressed by New York Giants center Shaun O’Hara in a story running in the USA Today.

“The one thing you kind of become programmed to as a player is don’t be honest with the media. Deal with them, but don’t get caught up in anything,” he said.

The article focuses on the difficulty guys have jumping from playing the sport to commentating but features some fascinating revelations from current and former gridiron stars.

Jeremiah Trotter tells Sean Leahy that Eagles coach Andy Reid told his team to lie.

His mantra, Trotter says, was, “Don’t give them anything to use as a rallying cry. Always prop (opponents) up. Say good things about them, and then do your thing on Sunday.”

Anyone who has spent any time in a locker room knows that athletes practice the art of speaking while saying nothing. Coaches do as well. They are quite skilled, in fact. And it makes sense, since the only thing an interesting soundbyte will get them is in trouble.

But telling your players to lie to the media? That seems like stepping over the line.

(Thanks to Fang’s Bites for spotting the story.)