Disgraced British Broadcasters Land New Jobs

By Noah Davis Comment

In January, Richard Keys and Andy Gray found themselves out of jobs after sexist remarks the duo made came to light. The latter man was fired by Sky Sports and the former broadcaster stepped down, in part due to committing “career suicide” in a talkSPORT interview regarding the matter.

Except hey, it wasn’t such a bad career move since the station hired the pair to host a three-hour radio show.

“This is the start of something new and exciting for Andy and myself,” Keys told the Associated Press.

They will start on Monday, February 14 and appear live from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. every weekday. Mike Perry, the man Key and Gray are replacing, decided he wanted to move on from the station prior to the pair’s arrival.

So why did Keys and Gray get hired?

talkSPORT program director Moz Dee appeared on his own station to explain the decision.

When asked why he gave the pair a second chance, he answered: “Because they are two premiere sports broadcasters with many years of experience. Some might call them iconic.”

“Those lessons have been learned,” he continued. “It’s time to move on, I think.”

Fair enough? Although it really does seem rather quick.