Did A Fake Political TV Show Expose Real Sexism In News Coverage?

By Jordan Chariton Comment

scandalABC’s “Scandal” has become a hit political thriller for depicting Washington D.C.’s most shameless politicos. But last week’s episode hinted at a different type of scandal: sexism in news coverage, brought by a female presidential contender played by Lisa Kudrow.

Responding to a reporter’s question about her readiness to be president, Congresswoman Josephine Marcus blew the lid off the reporter’s gender bias, causing him to look off camera desperately for his producer.  Kudrow’s character exposes the only reason they were doing the “live” interview from her home was because the reporter requested it, lighting a fire to his opening “thank you for inviting me into your lovely home.”

Kudrow’s character also points out another long-kept news production secret: not everything you see in the interview location is natural.

VegaScandal304“This pitcher of ice tea isn’t even mine… it’s what your producer set here. Why? Same reason you called me a real-life Cinderella story. It reminds people that I’m a woman without using the word.”

“Scandal” recently blurred the line between faux political coverage using a real ABC News reporter —  ABC LA correspondent Cecelia Vega (at right) played a White House correspondent.

If you work in TV news, take a look at the clip after the jump. See if any of it rings true…