Diane Sawyer, Harry Smith, Laurie Dhue and more quake notes

By Chris Ariens Comment

Some midday Monday notes on earthquake/tsunami coverage:

Diane Sawyer made her first appearance on-air this morning from Sendai, Japan on “Good Morning America.” ABC’s Robin Roberts traveled to South Africa last week and was planning to be live from Cape Town this morning, but was rushed back to New York over the weekend. Her reports will air at a later date, ABC says.

CBS’ Harry Smith was back on “The Early Show” this morning reporting from Minami-Sanriku, telling Erica Hill it’s “a town of about 17,000 people and the very big headline from here is, 10,000 to 11,000 are either missing or unaccounted for.”

Former CNN, MSNBC and Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue was back on Fox News last night during a two-hour “Geraldo at Large.” Dhue was thrust back in the news last month when her battle with alcoholism went public. Dhue also appeared on “The 700 Club.”

CNN’s Martin Savidge who re-joined the network fulltime last week has already hit the road and is among the CNN team of correspondents covering the earthquake.

And some Tweets:

About to go in chopper for Sendai. Huge swath of closed airspace by Fukushima nuclear reactor btwn here & Sendai. http://twitpic.com/48xiga


My tiny hotel room in Sendai. I’m making Michelle my producer sleep in the other bed, bc I’m scared of quakes! #f http://twitpic.com/496iim