Democratic Operative Turned Glenn Beck’s Publicist

By kevin Comment

The Washington Post profiles Matthew Hiltzik, personal publicist to, among others, Glenn Beck. The story wonders how a former democratic operative — he worked on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate campaign — ends up representing “arguably the most influential and incendiary conservative critic in America.”

PRNewser has has Hiltzik’s answer.

There is not just an interesting political pairing between the two, but also a unique religious one.

The article notes that in the Clinton campaign, Hiltzik was the “go-to liaison to New York’s Jewish community” and one of Hiltzik’s former bosses, Harvey Weinstein, “called his former right hand a deeply religious, brilliant guy.”

The NY Times proposed this week that religion has also contributed to the success of Hiltzik’s client. The Times’ Idea of the Day blog cites this piece and writes, “Today’s idea: Glenn Beck’s conversion to the Mormon faith “corresponds precisely” with his rise as a media force — and may explain his teary sentimentality.”

As for that “rise as a media force,” yesterday Beck broke the 3 million Total Viewer mark for the ninth time this year.