Debt Deal Negotiations Keep Some Anchors Very Busy

By Alex Weprin Comment

The debt deal negotiations Sunday kept some anchors working all day (and night) long.

On ABC, George Stephanopoulos appeared on every ABC News program, co-anchoring “Good Morning America,” Sunday public affairs show “This Week,” and “ABC World News.” He would also anchor ABC’s special report that evening announcing that the deal was done.

On CNN, Ali Velshi appeared during the 2 PM, 3 PM, 8 PM and 9 PM hours, and was back on at 5 AM this morning to anchor “Wake Up Call,” according to TVEyes. Update: Don’t forget Wolf Blitzer, who has been on-air every day since last weekend, as well as Gloria Borger, who was all over the debt coverage over the weekend, and who got Sen. Mitch McConnell to acknowledge that they were “very close to a deal” on Sunday’s “State of the Union.”

Update: Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto had an exceptionally long day as well. After appearing on “Fox & Friends” in the 9 AM hour Sunday, Cavuto was also on during the 10 AM, 12 PM and 2 PM hours before anchoring his program at 4 PM. He would also appear on FNC at 6 and 7 PM, and was on “Fox & Friends” in the 8 AM hour this morning.

Update 2: From an NBC News spokeswoman:

“Chuck Todd, Mike Viqueria, Andrea Mitchell, Kelly O’Donnell, and Luke Russert reported from dawn until way past dusk for both NBC and MSNBC. Between the five of them, they covered Today and Meet the Press, continuous live coverage on MSNBC dayside, through Nightly and its west coast updates. ┬áLuke has been on air past 11pm the past 7 nights, and of course Chuck and Andrea both anchor hours every weekday.”

Were any other anchors pulling an extra long shift yesterday? Let us know in the comments.