Dana White Auctioning Off Twitter Follow For Charity

By Marcus Vanderberg Comment

We all have that one celebrity/athlete/media personality that you wish would follow you on Twitter.

(Personally, mine was Amy K. Nelson. Hi @AmyKNelson)

But would you actually spend money in order to get that person to follow you?

Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White is auctioning off a follow on Twitter, with all the proceeds going to aHomeInHaiti.org.

Other sports celebrities taking part in the auction include Jim Rome, Michael Strahan, Rick Fox, Antonio Cromartie, and Pete Carroll.

Here’s the rundown of the rules:

Dana White will follow you on Twitter for a minimum of 90 days, will retweet one of your tweets and will send out a tweet including your @twitterhandle.

It will be at the celebrity’s discretion to continue following the winner beyond 90 days.

Misuse of talent connection on Twitter may result in revocation of the Follow at the Talent’s discretion. Respect for the Talent is expected at all times. The Talent has the right to refuse fulfillment of the package based on already established relationships, sponsorships or personal preference. If the package is not fulfilled, the winning bid amount will be refunded

As of 1:00 p.m. EST, the bid was up to $4,550. The auction ends on Sept. 25.

White currently follows 106 folks (and has 1.1 million followers) on Twitter including @llcoolj, @DJPaulyD, @HarveyLevinTMZ, and @RyanSeacrest.

This is where I normally would poke fun at someone following half of the Jersey Shore cast and Ryan Seacrest, but Dana White is a bad man.