Cronkite, Williams: ‘On Assignment’ vs. ‘Leave of Absence’

By Chris Ariens Comment

Brian Williams will be the only big 5 network anchor not interviewing Pres. Obama today. As we mentioned earlier, he’s not yet cleared to fly following knee replacement surgery last month. Williams talked about his recovery with TV Guide’s Stephan Battaglio. He says he “only went public because in this day and age there is no such thing as an unexcused, unexplained one-month absence from your day job.”

TV Guide Magazine: When Walter Cronkite was off from the “CBS Evening News” for two months every summer, they said he was “on assignment.”

Williams: Yeah, and later we found out the name of the sailboat. The culture has changed entirely. I have a different relationship with my audience.

And don’t expect one of those Sweeps pieces about his recovery, Williams says he “didn’t shoot a frame” of video of the surgery or recovery. And, as you know by now, he has yet to Tweet anything to his 180,000 followers.