Cramer Talks About Stewart Appearance, Just Not That Stewart

By Chris Ariens Comment

You have to wonder if when the CNBC bosses decided it was the right move for Jim Cramer to go on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, they also made sure he appeared on another show hosted by another Stewart on the same day.

After a much hyped booking on Comedy Central last night, and very little mention of it today on the NBC networks, Cramer talked about it at the top of “Mad Money” tonight.

Before we get started, I want to say something about — about what happened yesterday. A lot of people are talking about what happened. I want to be very clear…that although I was clearly outside of my safety zone, I have the utmost respect for this person. And for the work that they do, no matter how uncomfortable it was to be on. So I want you to take a look at this clip from yesterday of Cramer versus Stewart.

The show then played a clip of Cramer and Martha Stewart making a banana cream pie. Cramer appeared on that Stewart show earlier in the day. That was the only mention of Stewart, any Stewart, during “Mad Money.”


The Cramer dust-up did get a mention on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show tonight. Maddow was making the point that while a Google News search turned up more than 1,000 stories on Cramer vs. Stewart, and while there was still serious business news to report, The Washington Post “quietly, quietly announced it was eliminating its business section in the weekday paper. That’s sobering,” added Maddow.