Couric Watch: Fifteen Years Ago Today…

By Brian 

katieapr4.jpgWill NBC announce Katie’s departure on Wednesday, her fifteen-year anniversary?

What happened on April 4, 1991, exactly 15 years ago today?

Katie Couric was named co-anchor of The Today Show.

“I’m very happy. It’s one of the best jobs, if not the best job, in television,” she told the Washington Post.

Couric replaced Deborah Norville. The next day, a reporter for the Boston Globe asked of Couric: “Do names come any perkier?”

She seemed to take the news in stride, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. “I’ve always had an attitude of que sera, sera and look what sera- ed,” Couric told the paper. (Translation: What will be, will be.)

NBC says her fifteenth anniversary as co-anchor is coming up on Wednesday. “Katie Couric has been co-anchor of Today since April 5, 1991,” her NBC bio says. “She joined the program in June 1990 as its first national correspondent and then served as substitute co-anchor from February 1991 until becoming permanent co-anchor.”

> Gail Shister: “Barring unforeseen circumstances, Today will show a Couric tribute video tomorrow, her 15th anniversary as coanchor. She joined NBC in 1989 as deputy Pentagon correspondent.”

> An e-mailer says: “If Couric is to take this two-step approach, what better day to announce her departure from ‘Today’ than tomorrow, on her 15th anniversary with the show. If my mind serves me correctly, Bryant Gumbel did the same thing — although he gave a year’s notice.”