Contessa Brewer: ‘This is a great time in my life to make some changes’

By Chris Ariens Comment

As we reported yesterday, this is Contessa Brewer’s final day anchoring on MSNBC. A change that — after 8 years at the NBC cable network — Brewer is looking forward to.

“This is a great time in my life to make some changes,” Brewer tells TVNewser. “If I wait, it’s easy to get complacent. I’m intent on making this the best life I can have. This summer brought that home.” In June, Brewer, 37, lost the baby she had been carrying.

Brewer was one of the first cable news anchors to grasp the importance of social media, something Brewer told us about last year during our MediaBeat interview. Her Facebook fan page has more than 12,000 likes, (in addition to her personal profile and 4,000+ friends) and she has nearly 22,000 followers on Twitter, (@ContessaBrewer) and she uses both platforms to engage with viewers.

For now, Brewer will continue to host the weekend MSNBC show “Caught on Camera.” But expect the TV anchor and reporter to look for other opportunities outside NBC.

“I’m also looking forward to not getting up at the crack of dawn,” Brewer jokes.