Contessa Brewer Meet-Up with Jesse Jackson

By Chris Ariens Comment

MSNBC_3.26.jpgRemember a few months ago when MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer mistakenly introduced Jesse Jackson as Al Sharpton, and they were going to have a lunch to talk it over?

Well, TVNewser has learned that lunch — actually it was breakfast — happened this week.

We’re told Brewer and Jackson broke bread at the Sheraton Hotel Monday while Jackson was in New York this week. The two didn’t dwell on the mistaken identity but rather on a big story in New York City this week — massive cuts at the MTA, the organization behind the city’s subways and busses.

Jackson was concerned that the cuts are costing thousands of jobs, including token booth workers who staff the city’s subway stations, many of whom are African American and who’ve worked their way up to achieve middle class status.