Coming Soon to CNN: More Visual Gimmickry

By Alex Weprin Comment

cnncapitol092010.jpgCNN has long been ahead of its competition when it comes to technological gimmickry.

Sometimes the technology is insightful and interesting, like the “magic wall” which has now spread to just about every other news organization. Sometimes it is less-so, as is the case with the “holograms” the network used on election night 2008.

Of course, CNN, led by technology evangelist and DC bureau chief David Bohrman, was never one to rest on its laurels.

B&C reports that CNN is installing equipment in its New York studios to display “virtual objects” on the set. It will be ready for the 2010 midterm elections, but Bohrman says it is designed to be used daily if need be.

The virtual objects are similar to the virtual capitol building the network featured on election night 2008, but a little more powerful, and with more options.

Obviously we have to wait and see what it looks like and what it brings to the table, but does technology like this make you want to tune-in to TV news? Does it bring anything new? Or is it all flash and no substance? Let us know what you think in the comments.