CNN’s Jason Carroll ‘In Depth’ with James Cameron

By Chris Ariens Comment

He’s been to the deep before, now James Cameron is heading back, attempting to make a deep dive into the most remote place on earth — the Mariana Trench.

The Academy Award winning director of “Titanic” — which returns to theaters as the 100th anniversary of the sinking nears — is heading to the South Pacific.


CNN’s Jason Carroll, who traveled along with Cameron for a CNN special airing tonight, tells TVNewser, Cameron “plans to collect organisms from the extreme environment, which could advance science and redefine how we view life.”

Cameron has been test-diving the high-tech, one-man submersible “Deepsea Challenger” designed to take him to the deepest known point on the planet. “During my interview with Cameron onboard his expedition ship in the South Pacific, he told me he his willing to face the risks involved because of how much can be learned,” Carroll says.

Carroll has interviewed Cameron twice before: during the making of “Avatar” and again during the Gulf Oil spill. “Cameron asked me if I got sea sick. I told him ‘no,’ says Carroll. “That’s when he told me about his plans for Challenger Deep and if I wanted to go. Two years later, the call came in and off I went.”

“Extreme Dive: 7 Miles Underwater” airs tonight on CNN at 10:30pmET