CNNer: “He’s Getting Unfairly Railroaded”


By Brian 

A CNN staff member’s e-mail to TVNewser: “I’m disappointed that Jordan resigned. This story was pretty much a he said/she said sort of situation, and he immediately conceded that he misspoke and in no way meant to endorse the position implied by his more incendiary critics. He’s getting unfairly railroaded, especially by the right-wing bloggers eager to take any opportunity to take down one of the big names in journalism — the “liberal media.” It’s ugly. Jordan has done amazing things for the network in the 23 years he has been there. I’m not going to say that he hasn’t made missteps along the way, but he’s a principled journalist who cares about the news, the safety of his staff, and the integrity of the network. However, CNN should have been much more open and forthright about addressing the comments, instead of hiding its head in the sand and hoping the whole thing would go away.”